Hi Everyone! This March, the team would like to announce the largest and fastest growing student group in campus, Sunway Volunteer Society is now named, Sunway Student Volunteers. We however like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for the great participation in our various volunteering activities in the past. […]

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Weekly SMK Bandar Sunway Tuition

Following the success of the “Weekly Myanmar Refugee Kids Tuition Project”, the team remains passionate and has taken up another tutoring project – the “Weekly SMK Bandar Sunway Tuition Project” was introduced as a long term project in September 2013. Every Friday afternoon, a group of 5 – 8 student volunteers head to SMK Bandar […]

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Weekly Myanmar Kids Tuition Project

The “Weekly Myanmar Refugee Kids Tuition Project” has been one of our long term projects since August 2011. Every Friday afternoon, a bunch of student volunteers will depart from campus to the centre at Sunway Mentari to teach the kids English, Geography and Arts, followed by fun and simple activities. At the beginning, it was […]

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2013 Highlights : Environment

One of the main highlights in the area of Environment is our participation in the YMCA Kuala Lumpur APAY Green Challenge entitled Codename: T.R.E.E on the 26th of October 2013 at SJK(T) Vivekenanda, Brickfields. Codename: T(tree planting at a school). R(reaching out to the community). E(environmental awareness). E(eco-friendly) was an event organized as part of […]

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2013 Highlights : Wildlife

Animal lovers among us had exciting times back in 2013. We were volunteers in Zoo Negara, at the Dogathon and several other wildlife conservation events. Volunteers have the option to do different tasks in Zoo Negara and one involves being inside of the cage with the animals to clear debris and animal wastes. You will […]

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2013 Highlights : Health

Health Awareness¬† Fully organised by SSV, it is an annual health campaign where blood donation, general health checks and organ donation pledges are made available for both students and staff of on Sunway campus.¬† Every year, the Health Week attracts more than 200 students and staff over a period of 3 days where awareness is […]

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2013 Highlights : Community

Parent For A Day In year 2013, we organised the “Parent For A Day”, twice. With the bunch of young refugee kids, we went to Zoo Negara and Planetarium in April and September respectively. “Parent For A Day” is meant to allow members an opportunity to be a parent/guardian to the kids and share the […]

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