AIA Music Run 2018

On 20th of October, The Music Run had reached out to SSV in request for 44 volunteers in order to assist them in running the acclaimed event. It was a novel experience for the volunteers to be working for the only run in Malaysia that had a concert happening in the distant background! Volunteers were […]

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Run for a chance charity run 2018

On 6th October, 60 volunteers gathered in Citta Mall, Ara Damansara to volunteer in Run for a Chance Charity Run 2018 organised by 「 爱•关怀之家 Lovely Disabled HOME 」 . The aim of the charity run is to raise funds to support the operational costs of Lovely Disabled Home in the upcoming year, promoting public […]

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Ekspo Kuching 2018

Thousands of cats are being thrown out of their homes into the streets because they are ‘not cute anymore’, or owners are unable to care for them any longer. Keeping a pet requires huge responsibilities, like caring for a child or even a plant. Here in the 3-day Ekspo Kucing 2018, Malaysia’s largest cat edition […]

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Planting with TrEES

Yesterday, 5 SSV went to Taman Klang Jaya to help out Treat Every Environment Special (TrEES) with a little tree planting. There were a total of 50 trees planted at a used-to-be “dump site”. However, it was not an official dump site but rather a common area where people litter. Thanks to Majlis Perbandaran Klang, […]

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Dogs for sight

Hey SSV-ians! Have you seen the service dog on campus today?! I bet you have! This dog over here is Lashawn and he is a 6-year-old assistance dog with his visually impaired owner, Mr Stevens. Lashawn is specially trained to help people with disabilities, like blindness, hearing impairments and/or mental disorders. Today 2 SSV volunteers […]

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Painting the Project Stand Up Hub

On 29 September 2018, 10 volunteers visited the Project Stand Up Hub. The mentioned hub is a youth led education and leadership model for empowering refugee youth to become trusted leaders within their community as a means for change. This event took place from 8am-5.45pm on a wonderful Saturday. The main intention of this visitation […]

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Rempah Malaysia Best Mix 2018

In conjunction with the Malaysia Day which is on the 16th of September, 5 volunteers took part in the Rempah Malaysia’s Best Mix 2018 event which was held at Tamarind Square, Cyberjaya. This is an event created by One Nation Fits All, a platform which brings Malaysians together to discover talents, open up opportunities and […]

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