The Greatest Show In Town

On the 24th of August, 10 of our volunteers helped out with a charity event for children ‘The Greatest Show in Town’. Melinda Looi started the CHARITY FOR CHILDREN event last year by giving back to the community and invited 10 homes with underprivileged kids of which we had over 500 kids, which was very […]

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LEKAS Highway Ride 2018

On 18th & 19th August, 49 SSV-ians spent their weekend to help out in an event – LEKAS Highway Ride 2018. This was the very first riding event of the year and we all had a great experience with it! The challenging checkpoints and job scope was so tiring yet fun and it’s our first […]

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MILO Breakfast Day 2018

Hey! Hey! See where are we at?! On the 12th of August, 69 of our volunteers helped out with the MILO Breakfast Day 2018. We all had a great experience with our respective job throughout the event. Even though there was a huge crowd but the volunteers tried their best to ensure the flow goes […]

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Horse For YOUNG

On the 18th of August, 9 volunteers went to iOi City Mall at Putrajaya for the Horse for YOUNG event organized by Animals for YOUNG. Animals for YOUNG is a non-profit organization to help special children (i.e. children with autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy etc.) by using animal therapy. In this event, the volunteers were to […]

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Fact of the day: In 7 years, a pair of unneutered stray cats can multiply to 420,000 strays. The average mature cat can have 3 litters with a total of 12 kittens per year. Therefore, in order to curb the issue of stray cats in the streets of Malaysia, Celcom has organized a program called […]

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Kelas Rakyat Seri Purnama

On the 16th August 2018, 5 volunteers had volunteered in the Kelas Rakyat Seri Purnama that is organised by Projek Iqra’ at PPR Seri Cempaka. Kelas Rakyat is happening on a weekly basis at welfare homes and selected communities since 2013. The program is designed for 3 months (one semester). The main objective is to […]

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GHCA x SSV Sports Carnival

We volunteered in the GHCA x SSV sports carnival on the 12th August 2018! It was indeed a fruitful experience to play with the kids and also to know more about them. The kids enjoyed a lot as well,to the extend that they didn’t want to stop the games and continue playing😂 The weather that […]

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MNS World Ocean Day

Fact of the day: Only 3 out of 440+ species of sharks have attacked humans (but shark attack cases have built a bad reputation for ALL sharks – some people thought that ALL sharks attack humans) A group of volunteers had a great fun in MNS World Ocean Day on the 11th and 12th August. […]

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Merdeka Dari Straw

On August 4 & 5, four volunteers had volunteered in an event organised by Sampah Menyampah at Bangsar Village 1. The event is named Merdeka Dari Straw, as an initiative to motivate our citizens to stop using plastic straws. There are many alternatives in order to replace the plastic straws. For example, metal straws, silicone […]

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