Rules & Regulations



  • Members are required to make sure that they are available for the activity to participate before register themselves.
  • Members are required to inform / email the Person In Charge (PIC) of the activity if they have any emergency / valid reason in support to pull out with prior 3 days to the event day.
  • Members are responsible of their own personal belongings and safety of every single activities participated. SSV holds no responsible for any lost or damages.
  • Members are advised to have own record of the activities participated to check their own volunteer hours accumulated.
  • Members who fail to inform us of pulling out and does not show up will be blacklisted for the upcoming activity and volunteer hours will be deducted accordingly.


  • Members are advised to be punctual in every activity to avoid any inconvenience caused to other parties.

Dress Code. 

  • Members are required to wear appropriate attire as requested in the email. If it is not stated, members are encouraged to wear jeans or long pants with club t-shirts or polo t-shirts. Members are also required to wear shoes. No slippers or flip flops are allowed. Unless stated otherwise. 

Chain of Command.

  • All members should report directly to the area leader in charge.

Task Assigned.

  • All members should follow the task distribution accordingly. In case of any problem or emergency, members should seek the PIC’s assistance or contact the leader of activities from the organiser immediately.


  • All members should fully aware of the possible risks involved and accept the same, notwithstanding the fact that trip/activity/camp is intended only for those without medical problems and who are fit enough to indulge in the activities organized.
  •  All members are to indemnify and agree to keep the Sunway Student Volunteers, Sunway University management, servants and organisers of the event fully indemnified against any claims, loss or damage whatsoever in respect of death, injury, disability or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from any cause in connection with the trip/activity/camp or my participation therein.