Save A Stray (SAS)

On 30th June – 1st July, 13 of us went to Sunway Velocity Mall to volunteer for Save a Stray(SAS) in promoting awareness of adopting a pet and raise fund for the shelter. It was definitely an eye-opening experience for us and we gained a lot of knowledge on volunteerism from the person in charge, […]

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Farm In The City

It is not everyday that you get to volunteer and interact with all sorts of animals at Farm in the City. On the second day of Hari Raya (Saturday, 16 June 2018), 9 SSV-ians spent half of their day helping Farm in the City in managing the animals as well as looking after the customers’ […]

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Second Chance Animal Shelter

15 SSV-ians and 20 other volunteers spent their Sunday (10th June) to help Second Chance Animal Shelter at Hulu Langat to get rid of ticks from the dogs in the shelter. To prevent tick fever from invading the shelter, each and every dog is washed thoroughly in diluted tick wash solution. The volunteers had to […]

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The Zero Stray Project

On 3rd of June 2018, 5 volunteers went to Puchong and helped out for The Zero Stray Project. A big thanks to Mr Kumar and some permanent volunteers of The Zero Stray Project for being patient in teaching us preparing the food for the furry friends! It was definitely a fun and meaningful experience because […]

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K-9 Cottage

Today (13th May 2018), we went to K-9 Cottage at Lui River, Hulu Langat to help out with the mess the rain had caused, and we lit the place up with our creativity, hard-work, laughs and smiles. It was a great experience as the place was peaceful and quiet. We had lunch together as well, […]

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Pet World Malaysia 2018

On 18th-20th May, 7 of our volunteers helped out at Pet World Malaysia 2018 for Second Chance Animal Shelter (SCAS) in their mini adoption drive and fundraising, we successfully raised funds to support and maintain their shelter over Hulu Langat. We also tried our best to raise awareness for the benefit of adopting a pet. […]

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Pet Fiesta 2018

Malaysia’s largest Pet Fiesta Expo is back!!! This festival brings together local businesses, animal rescue groups and pet owners for an exciting day of activities, demonstrations and animals galore. The theme for this year will be World Tour. Animal lovers look over here! This will be where you can get to meet all sorts of […]

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Dogathon 2018

A regular marathon, except this time with adorable dogs! 😍 On the 10th of March 2018, 35 of us took part in Dogathon 2018. Seeing the adorable dogs strolling around UPM made us so happy. We had fun meeting different dogs and socializing with dog lovers. A huge thank you to the students from the […]

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The Zero Stray Project

On the 14th January 2018, 10 volunteers took part in The Zero Stray Project. It was a good experience as we learned how to prepare foods for strays and feed them the proper way. The strays were friendly and excited to see people approach them as well! Special thanks to Mr Kuma, Mr Arvind, and Ms […]

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